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Michelle Gabriel

Message from the CEO :
It's going to take a Village!

 Today we face a new public health concern; studies show a soaring rate of mental health disorders among our adolescents/teens is at an all-time high. The number of mass shootings, sexual violence and crime has increased all over the world. Emergency room visits by children and adolescents rose sharply for anxiety, mood disorders, and self-harm. According to statistics for young people ages 10 to 24 suicide rates leaped by nearly 60 percent after the Pandemic, according to the CDC. These statistics are alarming! The fact is our kids are not safe in the world anymore and we can no longer remain silent! The JGF Non for Profit Organization Team is responding to this crisis. It's going to take a Village to make a change.

 Join our Team and make an impact today.

Our Mission

Making a Difference

At the Joseph Gabriel Foundation, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community. With a strong belief in the power of collective action, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Through our various projects and initiatives, we aim to address social issues and promote positive change. Join us today and be a part of something truly special.

Group of Friends

Meet The Team

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Michelle Gabriel 


Founder, Educator & Chief President of Programs:BIO

Michelle Gabriel, has her MS. Degree Education, BS Degree in Psychology, and SBL License School Administrator and has demonstrated over 20 plus years working in Social Services and Education field. 15 Plus years employed as a Substance Abuse Counselor, Parent Educator, and Art Therapist. She spent another 20-plus Years working in the Public & Charter Education system, as a Teacher & Vice Principal and advocates on behalf of children and women in underserved marginalized urban communities. She has volunteered with many organizations as a Speaker, Educator, Advocate & Literacy Ambassador for Organizations such as the Red Cross Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Manhatten District Attorney Sexual Assault Unit, Settlement HealthTeen Program, Mt Sinai LGBT Advocacy Center, NYC Sexual Assault Alliance, and RAINN.  


Aldemar Moran

Executive Director, Blue Light Bridge Mentorship 

Board Member:BIO

Aldemar Moran B.S Social Work, a Retired Police officer raised in the Bronx, always wanted to make a difference in his community, which was filled with poverty, crime, and gang violence.  Aldemar spent over two decades on the streets of NYC, as a police officer Throughout his career, he has been a strong proponent of Community Based Policing and has remained steadfast in his commitment to problem-solving and partnership-building with the citizens of NYC. He worked closely with the mayor's office and was tasked with heading the Department's Community Services Division. This Division was responsible for the development and implementation of effective community engagement and outreach programs, recruitment and hiring of both sworn and civilian staff, basic training for new recruits and advanced training for existing personnel, and all public information and social media for the Department.

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Gabby Moran 

Vice President 

Board Member Co-Founder Social Services,Parenting & Mental Health Counseling:BIO

Gabriel Moran, MSW, LSW is a clinical professional, Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor for Adults, Youth, and Veterans, with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. Mrs. Moran’s primary goal is to educate on Mental Health, identify effective interventions and assist with personal goal attainment and enhancement of overall quality of life. Mrs. Moran encompasses working in intensive units with Combat Veterans living with PTSD, and Substance Use; as well as working with unhoused adults with severe emotional, and behavioral, psychological disorders. Prior to her role in mental health, Mrs. Moran served overseas in Combat as an Army officer, Captain, and Brigade Level. As a Military Veteran with strong Human Resources leadership skills coupled with a double Master’s degree, Gabriel Moran has a passion for Mental Health. Graduating with a Master‘s in Social Work degree (MSW) from Fordham University; as well as a Master’s of Science in Mental Health from Long University and Addiction Counselor Certified, she brings a unique perspective to the world of behavioral health and social services.


Arthur Louissaint

Arthur J Louissaint B.A Criminal Justice, Retired Police Officer. Arthur has worked with communities at risk for over 30 years.  Growing up in Harlem, Polo Grounds Housing Project gave him a first-row view of the problems that plague communities of color such as Gang violence, drug abuse, and poverty.  Arthur served as a Police officer for the NYC NYPD for over two decades and during his career, he has had the privilege of policing some of the most diverse communities in this major city. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to community-driven, problem-oriented, intelligence-led policing. He worked with the department’s Gang Enforcement Unit, Walking Beat Unit, and Precinct Resources Teams. He has served as a mentor to teens in the Violent Crime Bureau, the Drug Enforcement Bureau, and the City Manager’s Office. As a retired Police officer, he now focuses on partnering with non for profit agencies, where he built many relations during his time as an office, and community programs to provide solutions to inequitable access, information quality, risks to safety and privacy, skills and housing problems, and spaces for participation, civic engagement, and innovation.

Executive Director, Civic Engagement, Teen  Mentorship & Community Outreach

Board Member:BIO


Angela Stevens 

Director  Senior Citizen Community Program,Angelas Closet

Board Member

 Angela Stevens, move to New York City from the Caribbean islands because it was the center of fashion design & modeling. She was a fashion model, in the late 80s and found interest in designing, decorating, and eventually collecting vintage clothing. Angela Designs Homes, Lofts, and Costumes In 1998, she focused her interest on opening a boutique and selling her collection in well-known New York City Flea Markets …" Grand Street," "Grand Bazaar," and "Avenue A Flee Market"… as well as a variety of annual vintage shows at the Javitz Center.  She is presently a successful Costume Designer and Caterer, in New York. Angela became involved in the community catering to the local artists, theater, and musicians, as a stylist. Angela teamed up with Michelle and designed all costumes in "The Dove Musical" productions. 

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