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Diamond Cut Girlz 

Crisis Outreach & Safe Space Support Group

Who:Survivors/Caregivers of Sexual Assault and Sex Trafficking

When: Virtual Monthly Meetings

Director: Sexual Assault Survivor: Ms.Gabriel

Special Guest Speakers & Survivor Stories

Resources: Links

Parent and Family Booklet

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Dramatic Rise in Sexual Assault & Sex Trafficking

Most experts believe that American society's obsessions with sex and violence -- promoted in the press, television, and movies -- are major contributors to this epidemic. Research has indicated that exposure to violence can lead people to engage in violent behavior. Often Sexual Assault are prompted by drug use which is also on the rise. An alarming rise in sexual assaults specifically on children by other children is being fueled by access to a “toxic” online culture, Britain’s most senior child protection officer has warned, as an Observer investigation revealed a sharp increase in abuse by under-18s reported to police.

Emergency department visits related to sexual assault increased more than tenfold over a span of 13 years, according to a new study that experts and advocates say reflects a growing cultural shift around confronting sexual assault.The research, published Thursday in JAMA Network Open, showed that those visits increased 1,533% from 2006 to 2019 — a jump from 3,600 annual visits to 55,200.

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