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 JGf Programs 

The Joseph Gabriel Foundation’s programs aim to inspire, empower and connect people back into a healthy space in order to make a positive and lasting change in their communities.

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JGF Speaks:"Watch Your Kids!"

"Sexual Violence Awareness"

Social Media Podcast 

We are working to empower Victims of sexual assault through the creative arts. This program holds various outreach and has annual fundraising events and special performances that raise awareness of sexual violence among women & teens. This program partners with Manhattan District Attorney Office Sexual Assault Crime Unit, RAINN. The NYC Sexual Assault Alliance Center and The Center of Missing Children.

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Blue Light Stop and Mentor

"At Risk Youth" Street Outreach 

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JGF Stop-and-Mentor is a Community initiative that targets Children & Young Adults” Ages 10-24 in NYC all five boroughs and Westchester County.“STOP AND MENTOR” refers to a brief non-intrusive stop of a Youth or Teen “At Risk” of entering into the Juvenile System and suffering from a life trauma with the goal of prevention, through mentoring, education in the Justice system and preventive life skills strategies.

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La Pearls Seniors Housing & Food Pantry Outreach

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Gabby's Mental Health Lounge

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School Leadership Program 

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Help a life of a youth at risk Today

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