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Joseph Gabriel Legacy

Joseph Gabriel, hailing from the vibrant island of Trinidad & Tobago, was a remarkable individual from a family of 12 siblings. He stood out as the second youngest, possessing unparalleled charisma and ambition. A skilled electrician with a deep passion for reading, Joseph pursued higher education, earning a degree in Engineering. His dedication to education stemmed from Trinidad and Tobago's impressive literacy rate of over 98%. During the challenging "Crack Era" of the 80s, Joseph fervently championed for abused and neglected young people, catalyzing change within the community. Today, the Joseph Gabriel Foundation, led by his two daughters, continues his impactful legacy through youth programs, mentorship, training, and community initiatives.

The Power Of Literacy 

Joseph Gabriel believed that literacy is a powerful tool against poverty and if all students in low-income countries had basic reading skills, 171 million people could escape extreme poverty. Joseph Gabriel believes that Literacy promotes gender equality which is why he only gave his daughters books instead of dolls. “Every literate woman marks a victory over poverty,” Women are the most powerful agents of change in their communities, and that power is even greater when they can read. For every 10% increase of female students in a country, the gross domestic product increases by an average of 3%.  Literate women are also more independent and engaged within their communities. They are also more likely to send their children (especially their daughters) to school.

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